Vibrant Retro Elopement in Las Vegas

Lex and Troy’s Las Vegas elopement was nothing short of vibrant and retro. The couple traded in traditional wedding conventions for a celebration that was uniquely them. From the bold color scheme to the funky decor, every detail of their special day oozed with personality. As they exchanged vows against the glittering backdrop of the city, it was clear that this was a love as timeless as the retro-inspired outfits they’d chosen. The joy and excitement on their faces was infectious, spreading throughout the intimate gathering of their closest friends and family. It was a day that truly captured the essence of Las Vegas – lively, daring, and unforgettable.

How did you meet?

We met in 2020 during a large outdoor country line dancing event which took place weekly called “Who Needs a Bar?”. We both liked each other instantly but neither of us would find that out until years later.

Troy saw Alexia first and found her Instagram through a tagged group photo. After seeing over 100k followers he decided he wouldn’t have a chance. Alexia noticed Troy a few months later, asked a fellow dancer about him and was told that he was not into women, so she decided she didn’t have a chance.

Fast forward 1 year (2021): we’re back at the country bars after the shutdown. Troy and Alexia are in closer proximity to each other and able to form an on-going acquaintanceship. Alexia starts feeling that there may be something there but ignores it due to the past false information she was given. One day she sees Troy acting a little flirty with a female on the dance floor and, speaking without thinking, asks him immediately “are you not gay?!”. Taken completely by surprise Troy tells her “no”. A couple months later Alexia tells a friend that she thinks Troy likes her. This friend says “No, he likes Jennifer”. Troy and Jennifer go on to date.

Fast forward another year (2022): Troy and Jennifer* break up over the summer. Alexia doesn’t know this because she wasn’t close friends with either of them, just country bar acquaintances.

In fall, Troy starts joining in Alexia’s group invites for events outside of dancing, the first being an orchard/pumpkin patch. During the month of October they finally become friends. He attends more and more of her invites and they start dancing with each other at the bars.

Eventually they get to the point of understanding they both like each other not only now, but have been liking each other over the past 3 years. In November they became boyfriend and girlfriend. In December Troy proposed. And February 2023 they were officially Mr. And Mrs. Wilborn.

What is your proposal story?

Alexia was straight forward about wanting a private and low-key proposal. Troy waited until after their first professional photoshoot together as a couple. This photo went down in history as their “Hallmark Christmas movie poster” and that’s truly the best way to describe it. Once Alexia was fed and in her comfy clothes, he set up his phone to record and popped the question with a long, well thought-out speech. Alexia stopped him several times because she didn’t want to cry. Troy simply started from the beginning each time, making Alexia laugh, and proving he had been planning this for quite some time.

Tell us about your attire choices.

We agreed to doing a simple elopement and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on anything surrounding the wedding. Troy wore a suit he found at the mall and Alexia wore a vintage dress found by Iann Ivy (the photographer).

What were your favorite parts of the day?

Sharing our personal vows and having only our two best friends as witnesses in attendance. We were excited for the day to end since we got the keys for our first place together the next day.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?

  1. Elope elope elope. It’s truly your day! Have a full wedding later if you want but marriage is between two people.
  2. Make sure to dress up at least a little bit.
  3. And hire a professional photographer.

Event Credits

Ceremony VenueSure Thing Chapel
Event PlanningIann Ivy Photography
Wedding DressVintage Made