Expecting the Unexpected: What to Have in Your Emergency Kit

When you imagine your wedding day, you likely picture every little detail falling into place just right. The day goes by smoothly, and all of your guests are gushing about how perfect it was as they head out at a reasonable time and take their trash with them. 

Yes, it sounds like a dream — and, more often than not, it is. No wedding is without its challenges, so every couple should be prepared to adapt to the situation. While it might not be catastrophic drunk-guest-falls-into-the-cake levels, even the slightest hitch can catch you off guard if you haven’t planned in advance. 

Enter Your wedding emergency kit! 

It’s just how it sounds: a set of tools that can help you get out of a sticky situation with minimal consequences. While your wedding team should bring emergency kits of their own, it never hurts to be overprepared — especially when your wedding is on the line. 

So what belongs in your emergency kit? Great question. You’ve got the easy things, like tweezers, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, phone chargers, bandages, and a sewing kit. But what else should you include? 

We asked wedding pros from across the industry to chime in on the most overlooked additions to a wedding emergency kit, and here are their top recommendations. 

Photography by Kelly Hornberger

A crochet hook 

“One of our must-have items that most couples forget is a crochet hook,” shares Meredith Ryncarz, owner of Meredith Ryncarz Photography. “I can’t begin to tell you how many times we have used this at weddings. We primarily use it to assist in buttoning up the dress. The back of the dress is very detailed and has loops and buttons that are very close together, making it almost impossible to button it by hand. The crochet hook allows you to button up the dress easily and without stress. 


“As planners and property managers, we’re not allowed to give you medication,” explains Lizzy Liz, owner of Lizzy Liz Events. “So pack Advil, allergy pills, etc., that you think you may need for the day and, of course, the medicines that you take on a daily.” 

Insect repellant 

Bri Marbais, bridal stylist at The Bridal Finery, cautions against bugs for outdoor weddings: “If the majority of the wedding is held outdoors, it’s always beneficial to have bug spray around. Even if it’s an outdoor area that typically does not have a bug issue, you just never know! You want guests to be able to enjoy themselves and not worry about pesky bites.” 

Photography by Stephanie Yonce Photography

Handheld steamer 

“Bring a small hand-held steamer for wrinkles!” encourages Jennifer Sulak, wedding photographer for Weirdo Weddings. “No matter what wedding I’ve done, I’ve come across a suit or a dress that needed that extra special attention of a quick steam. They are easily brought into whatever bags you are taking with you on the day of, so it’s a perfect fit to help ease any wardrobe issues.” 

Ideally, both partners would have their own emergency kit stocked for their personal needs and preferences. But, in a pinch, your wedding planner should be able to step in and solve any issues. 

And if you’re wondering where this emergency kit should be all day, as you’re busy exchanging vows and dancing your feet off? Your planner will have it! 

Nora Sheils, founder of Bridal Bliss and co-founder of Rock Paper Coin, confirms: “The wedding planner should always be in charge of the emergency kit! If you do not have a planner, put a responsible member of the wedding party or someone that will be on-site during getting ready to manage it. You will want it with you wherever you go, so make sure you task this before the event, so someone is ready to take care of it!” 

Photography by Isaiah and Taylor, Planning by Lizzy Liz Events

As you plan your wedding and shop for decor, start keeping an eye out for anything you might need on your wedding day. Think extra socks and undergarments, mints, mouthwash, hair clips, face blotters, safety pins, fashion tape, and anything else you wouldn’t want to be caught without on such a momentous occasion! 

Meghan Ely is the owner of wedding PR and wedding marketing firm OFD Consulting. Ely is a sought-after speaker, adjunct professor in the field of public relations, and a self-professed royal wedding enthusiast. 

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