Epic Sunset Cathedral Rock Proposal

If you are an adventure loving couple, get ready for one amazing proposal! You just can’t beat the amazing views of Cathedral Rock and when Kyle took Claire on a trip to Sedona, he took advantage of the stunning natural beauty. Captured by Earth Below Photo, this proposal is one for the books!

How did you meet?

We met on an online dating website called Coffee Meets Bagel. We had our first date on a rainy evening at a taproom near Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida.

What is your proposal story?

Kyle planned a week long trip to Arizona to beat the perpetual grey skies of Michigan in January. Little did Claire know he planned a surprise proposal during the trip as well. Kyle worked with our good friend, jeweler and engagement specialist, Chelsea with Honey Designs Jewelry, to design the perfect ring prior to the trip. While in Sedona, Kyle recommended a sunset hike to Cathedral Rock. The hike was short and steep and the views were phenomenal. We met multiple tourists at the scenic viewpoint, one of whom was a photographer Kyle and Chelsea had hired for the big moment Amanda with Earth Below Photography. With the perfect lighting at sunset and the scenic viewpoint clear of other people, Kyle asked to take pictures with Claire. In the midst of taking pictures, Kyle went
down on one knee and proposed.

Tell us about the ring

Claire and Chelsea with Honey Designs Jewelry were close friends during college. When Chelsea began her small business of jewelry design and engagement experiences, Claire was eager to share her preferences for a future engagement. Kyle went to Chelsea 2 months before the trip to Arizona and began designing the engagement ring. Chelsea worked with Kyle (also knowing some of Claire’s
preferences) and designed a ring set around an oval diamond and flanked by two pear diamonds, the band being white gold.

Event Credits

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